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Top 3 Biggest & Most Interesting in Comox Valley THIS WEEK (Sep 14-20, 2015)

Every week we'll post some of the biggest and most interesting events and activities that are happening right here in our beautiful Comox Valley (and maybe some other major events that are nearby.)

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Diving with pinnipeds this week in Comox Valley


Anytime in Septemeber, 2015, with UB Diving. If a playful game of aqua-tag with resident pinnipeds is your idea of a good time, now’s the time to go diving at Norris Rocks & Wolf Eel Alley off the coast of Hornby & Denman Islands. The shallow waters are bustling with colourful sea-life; seals, sea-lions, sea-stars, sea-pens, cup corals, dahlia anemones, giant lingcod, rockfish, octopi, abalone, and teams of greenlings and sea urchins. It’s a guaranteed Wild Island Adventure! So if you’re down, check the link below to get in contact with our peeps at UB Diving. Read more…



5:30pm Saturday, September 19, 2015 at Saratoga Speedway. Saratoga Speedway does a fantastic job of providing the Comox Valley with a high standard of intense racing entertainment. But twice a year they go the extra quarter mile to show how serious they are about providing a lot of fun for the locals! — This is one of those events. 6 different kinds of races including crash to pass (that's when you can’t pass the car in front without hitting it first) topped off with a spectacular fireworks show. Read more…

Come see the fireworks at Saratoga Speedway this Saturday night.


Ribfest 2015 in Comox Valley


11am Friday, September 11th to Sunday, September 20th at Comox Exhibition GroundsMost of us know the difference between having fun, with food and having fun-with-food. But the traveling grill chefs of Rifest have blurred the lines that separate the palette for the playground. And that’s just fine with me!. Read more…



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